• Of Fear and Motion (2022) 10min
Stereo playback
Premiered Oct 14th, 2022, New York, Manhattan School of Music
• Father, My Father (2019) 55min
soprano, 2 clarinets, viola, percussion, ring modulated piano, and electronics.
Evening-length concert music reflection on how the #MeToo movement has impacted me as a father. Featuring a selection of poems, texts, and musical quotations, amongst which are interspersed interviews with individuals of different ages on the subjects of parenthood, gender, relationships, and power.
Commission by Talea Ensemble, and made possible by a grant from the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.
Premiered on Dec 3, 2019, New York, Americas Society, 7pm, by Talea Ensemble
• Papillon (2018)
Visual installation for Natacha’s Diels “construction crane” opera Papillon
Rope, tulle, recycled t-shirts (donated and installed by local school children). Special thanks to Essia Hidoussi for making this project come to life!
Premiered March 11th, 2018, Bergen, Norway, Borealis Festival
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• Eclipse (2017) 20min loop
Sound installation
Premiered March 17th, 2017, Winnipeg, Canada, Cluster Festival (photo by Eliot Britton)
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• Recycled Trash (2016) 15mins
8.1 channel acousmatic composition
Premiered September 5th, 2016, New York, Wet Ink Ensemble Season opener
• Phonobellow (2015) 55mins
Violin, bassoon, saxophone, piano, percussion, electronics, and performative installation
Composed in collaboration with Zosha Di Castri
Premiered March 5th, 2015, Montreal, by ICE ensemble
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• Musique absolue (2014) 16mins
2 Bass Clarinets, string quartet, piano, percussion, electronics
Commission by Talea Ensemble
Premiere May 20th, 2014, New York, by Talea Ensemble
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• La Robe du temps (2013) 11mins
Saxophone quartet and electronics
Commission by the Quasar sax quartet
Premiere November 29th, Montreal, by Quasar
• Six Drawings by Randall (2012) 12mins (click here for more info)
Amplified balloon and video projection, featuring the work of Julia Randall
Commission by the Middlesex County College
Premiered Sept 27th, 2012, New Jersey, by Mike Trudsell (percussion)
Updated version composed in collaboration with percussionist Diego Espinosa

• Blown (2012) 20min loop
Acousmatic soundscape
Commission Middlesex County College
Premiered Sept 27th, New Jersey
• Cheval mémoire (2011) [Part 2 of RadioMemento] 30mins
Solo piano, electronics, and installation
Doctoral project
Premiered April 14th, 2011, Montreal, by Pascale Roy (piano)

• Double Concerto (2011) 16mins
Trumpet and trombone duo, chambre orchestra, and electronics
Commission by the Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal (ECM+)
Premiered May 4th, 2012, Montreal, by ECM+
• Devant l’azur (2010) 12mins
Soprano. piano, and tenor sax
Commission by the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ)
Premiered March 18th, 2010, Montréal, by Julianne Klein (voice), Zosha Di Castri (piano), and Adam Kinner (sax)
• Poussière de soleil (2010) 8mins
2 pianos, 1 percussion, and electronics
Commission by the MusiMars festival
Premiered March 3rd, 2010, Montreal, by the Toca Loca Ensemble
• Element 110 (2009) 10mins
Fender Rhodes, narrator, and electronics
Commission by the MusiMars Festival
Premiered March 3rd, 2009, Montreal, by Pascale Roy (piano)
• Autour d’Isabela (2009) 10mins
Large chamber ensemble
Composed for the CBC/SRC Evolution Competition
Premiered March 26th, 2009, Banff, by the ECM+
• Filon d’or (2009) 10mins
Cello and electronics
Composed for the Doctoral recital of C. Dominguez
Premiered May 12th, 2009, Montreal, by C. Dominguez (cello)
• Vire volt (2009) 10mins
Flute and electronics
Commission by Code d’accès
Premiered April 28th, 2009, Montreal, by Geneviève Déraspe (flute)
• Arboresences (2008) 13mins
Commission by the Esprit orchestra
Premiered May 11th, 2008, Toronto, by the Esprit Orchestra
• Vapeurs d’hi(v)er (2007) 7mins
Clarinet, viola, cello, and piano
Composed for the Prix de composition CRD du Blanc-Mesnil
Premiered June 30th, 2007, Paris, by the Ensemble Cairn
• Voltige (2007) 6mins
Solo flute
Composed for the Prix de composition CRD du Blanc-Mesnil
Premiered June 30th, 2007, Paris, by Cébdric Jullion (flute)
• Avant la larme (2006, rév. 2008) 11mins
soprao. piano, tenor sax, and electronics
Composed for the doctoral recital of J. Klein
Premiered Nov 12th, 2006, Montreal, by Julianne Klein (voice), Zosha Di Castri (piano), and Adam Kinner (sax)
• Vers le vide (2006) 10mins
Sax and electronics
Premiered Nov. 10th, 2006, Montreal, by Adam Kinner (sax)
• Les Pampres de la tonnelle (2005) 7mins
Flute, clarinet, trumpet, bassoon and strings
Composed for the chamber ensemble of the Orchestre de la francophonie Canadienne (OFC)
Premiered June 2005, Ottawa, by the Ensemble of the OFC
• Balbuzard (2005) 11mins
Solo clarinet, wind symphony, and electronics
Master’s project
Premiered February 2005, Montreal, by the McGill Wind Symphony